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Korean-style carrots are a popular and incredibly tasty spicy snack that perfectly helps to diversify not only the festive table, but also the daily menu. Such an appetizer is a thinly sliced ​​carrot, richly seasoned with vegetable oil, garlic and various types of spices. At the same time, she can try herself as an independent dish, and as an addition to some other dishes. It is inexpensive, but a very tasty dish is available to absolutely everyone.

It is especially important to observe the form of slicing carrots when cooking carrots in Korean: carrot straws must be large and thin enough, so everyone who wants to cook carrots in Korean is better to immediately purchase a grater - a shredder: “grater for Korean carrots”. If you grate carrots on an ordinary grater, there will be too much juice and you will not be able to get the real original taste. And spices for the preparation of such carrots are best taken finely ground. By the way, Korean-style carrots acquire their unusual taste after adding ground red pepper fried in oil and roasting garlic with oil. A few tablespoons of vegetable oil are poured into the pan and pierced with a thick layer until a characteristic white smoke appears above the oil. Then, ground red pepper is immediately put into the pan and fried over medium heat for one to two minutes. The amount of such pepper depends on how much a person wants to see the finished salad. There are a great many options for cooking carrots in Korean, so any hostess can find the most suitable recipe without waiting.