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korean carrot demo

Home made Korean carrot

Korean carrot that takes you 15 minutes, but will give you 100-150 grams per day of fresh vegetables throughout the day. This can shift the balance of nutrition towards healthier, more natural foods and weight loss, and save you money.

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korean carrot

Try replacing high-carb side dishes and bread on the menu with Korean carrots, which can easily replace them in a diet without feeling hungry.

Korean carrot graters

Spicy and juicy Korean carrot are a very useful and popular snack. It is used both as an independent option and in combination with other products: as part of salads, sandwiches, it is ubiquitous in hot dogs. Korean carrots are an inexpensive but tasty dish that is also very healthy. It contains raw carrots, rich in valuable vitamins, and spicy spices, which favorably affect the state of appetite and improve digestion. Korean carrots are easy to cook on your own. You can always buy sets ready-made korean carrot spice with right-balanced proportions. It remains only to chop the carrots to the desired consistency. On what grater to grate (cut, slice) carrots in Korean salad style? The traditional form for this vegetable in this recipe is a thin and long straw, like spaghetti. If you do not know where to buy a grater for Korean carrots, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our offer for home use. We included several different models in it: from the simplest manual ones to almost completely automated ones. When choosing, we were guided by the quality of cutting, which they can provide, and safety for the hands during use. There are many more models of Korean carrot graters and shredders, but we have chosen the main models that we can safely recommend to our customers - these korean carrot graters really work.

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We presents just some of the successful models of carrot graters - as an alternative way - you can choose and buy graters, and vegetable cutters in the other online store - ,, or - choose your favorite vegetable cutter or korean carrot grater with delivery.
Bonus: One more carrot graters review: description, types and principle of operation

1. Manual grater for Korean carrot - Model Borner

grater for Korean carrot
This grater is made of durable plastic and is designed to grate carrots into characteristic narrow and long strips that are used in the Korean carrot recipe. The grater is equipped with a comfortable handle for which it is convenient to hold it in the process of work. Two rows of sharp, characteristically shaped stainless steel blades cut even soft vegetables with ease.

2. Multigrater with interchangeable heads - Model Kai

A convenient and functional set consists of a grater equipped with a wide and thin blade, which comes with two nozzles for chopping vegetables with narrow and coarser straws. This accessory is made of strong and durable stainless steel, all cutting surfaces are laser sharpened, which remains as sharp as possible throughout the life of the grater.

3. Manual grater for Korean carrots - Model Kecttio

manual grater
Very handy and ergonomic grater contains two cone-shaped attachments, one of which allows you to cut carrots into long and thin pieces. The root crop is fixed on the holder with the help of teeth. With rotational movements, it turns inside the nozzle, as a result of which strips resembling spaghetti are cut off in a spiral from it.

4. Multigrater with interchangeable heads - Model Kuchenprofi

5. Manual grater with combined blades - Model Handy

6. Mechanical grater for vegetables Atucoho YS-6756

grater Atucoho YS-6756
Convenient multifunctional grater, which is operated manually with a simple rotation of the handle, equipped with three attachments. They contain holes of different diameters for rubbing vegetables with straws, including Korean carrots. In addition, another nozzle allows you to cut food into thin, even slices.

7. Electric multifunctional grater ADE KA1802

multifunctional grater ADE KA1802
With this convenient and functional device, you can easily and quickly chop even a very large amount of vegetables before preparing various dishes. It includes four round attachments, including a grater for Korean carrots, making it possible to cut or grate products in any configuration.

8. Multifunctional grater with container Emsa

9. Multifunctional vegetable grater Beemsk

Multifunctional grater Beemsk
This multifunctional device allows you not only to grate carrots beautifully for making a spicy Korean-style snack, but also to chop many other products. It includes 4 different attachments with stainless steel blades, a handy vegetable peeler and a deep, roomy bowl into which the chopped pieces fall during the rubbing process.

10. Rotary Grater with 3 Stainless Drum Blades - FAVIA

Multifunctional grater Beemsk
This multifunctional grater is simple and efficient - durable stainless steel drums with reinforced food grade ABS plastic, stable rubber suction base, 100% BPA free, dishwasher safe. The design of the FAVIA veggie slicer is perfect for efficient slicing, cutting, and grinding ingredients. The rotary hand held design eliminates the hazards of using an old-fashioned grater