korean carrot classic recipe

Classic Recipe

1 kg of carrot:
½ cup vegetable oil
1 head of garlic
1 tablespoon salt (no slide)
2 tablespoons of sugar
25ml of vinegar essence
1 teaspoon red pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1-2 tablespoons sesame seeds

Easy Cooking

We offer easy way to cook korean carrot use ALL-IN-ONE seasoning with all dry ingredients in ideal combination

1 kg of carrot:
40 gr korean carrot spice
½ cup vegetable oil
25 ml of vinegar essence

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Salad How simpler

Salad How simpler
Salad How simpler


Quick and easy to prepare. And it eats up just as fast. Delicious. Suitable for barbecue and chicken. You can fill it with both mayonnaise and sour cream. And for those who are losing weight with oil. Light. Well absorbed in the body. That's just it can not be left for more than a day.

Coocking :

Finely chop the cabbage. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. We take Korean carrots, cabbage and tomatoes (you can add a little brine from Korean carrots). Add salt to taste. You can add greens. But if it is not there, then even without greens it is very tasty.

Smart Cooking

korean carrot on plate
Korean carrot are a very profitable salad both of health and economics - the price of a ready-made salad using a Korean Carrot Mix should not exceed x 2 - 2.5 the price of 1kg carrot on the local market. Look at example.

  • The Calculation :
  • Carrot 1kg - 1 $
  • Mix 50gr -1 $
  • Vinegar - 0.10 $
  • Oil - 0.10-0.20 $
  • Waste 3-5%
  • ------------
  • Price 1 kg - less ~2.50 $
  • Cooking time - 15 min

  • Huge plus of Korean carrot salad is a very short cooking time and long-term storage (up to 2 weeks) thanks to the marinade, as well as the constant readiness of the dish - which is important both in the family and in business. By replacing carbohydrates in the diet with raw root crops, you will reduce the price of food in general, and improve the menu.

    What we need:

    White cabbage

    White cabbage


    Korean carrot

    Korean carrot








    Time to cook

    Time to cook

    17 min


    Linda Long

    Liver goes well with salad

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    The site provided a very clear and user-friendly recipe

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    Nice salad